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Joan Pingitore
Artists, Nutritionist, Writer and Educator

“Life relationships and the elemental forms of nature have been the driving force in the creation of my art. I present Archetypal associations, organic majesty and life’s visions and challenges in a somewhat abstract, expressionistic form. I’m exhilarated by these mysteries and my paintings are filled with vivid color and emotion to portray an intuitive demonstration of our existence.
Painting has opened up entire new aspects for me to explore different dimensions for a lifetime of discoveries. Sometimes, I like to expound on the complicated relationship between male and female or demonstrate the authority in a landscape or just play with color and form. I seek to inspire the viewer and establish a connection with him.”
Joan Pingitore

Local artist Joan Pingitore focuses on the many different ways to keep ourselves well. With a BA in Arts and Wellness, Joan is a nutritionist and educator as well as a practicing artist, and likes to share her knowledge with others.  She teaches art courses and wellness courses in the area and along with the physical side of wellness she expounds on the creative, spiritual, mental and emotional facets of health.  She brings these aspects to the forefront to help people realize the need for balance in their lives. One gains many new insights through taking her courses, which are held at Jamestown Community College in Olean, the Cattaraugus County Arts Council, local corporations and at other venues and schools.

From the time she was a young child, Joan’s had an insatiable need to explore and create, it has always been an integral part of her life. She’s worked with most forms of art but finds painting to be the most challenging and is presently working with acrylics as her medium. When asked about her most recent art she has come to these conclusions ~

Joan lives in Allegany on a large homestead. She and her husband have raised three boys and they have tried to live off the land as much as possible. They grow and preserve most of their own food, have abundant flower gardens, and make many of their amenities including their own wines, breads and soaps. They have rebuilt their turn-of-the-century Victorian farmhouse using much of the lumber from their own trees and have restored it to a comfortable living space.  She loves to create and work with her hands, and is always up for almost any kind of new adventure, understanding that creativity is a necessary and enjoyable part of life.

In developing her Arts and Wellness degree Joan has encountered scientific research that proves participation in the arts and creativity are very healing to the body, mind and soul. It has also shown that they can also be a valuable learning tool and help students learn in a more meaningful way.

She says that “I want everyone to understand that even though participating in art can be a pleasurable experience, it is also a valuable component for our life, health and learning. Immersing ourselves in the arts brings richness, fulfillment and well being to our lives.”

Joan is presently preparing for the Routes to Art regional art tour which will be held May 16-17 throughout Cattaraugus County. Maps and brochures are available and more info is on the website, She will have many painting available, as well as high quality reproductions of them and also smaller prints and note cards.

“Everyone is an artist; they just don’t know it yet.” Joan Pingitore


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